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Small business owner

About the Founder

Alike his grandfather Loren, D’Andre is extremely well versed in many trades within the construction industry, and will typically take on any project presented to him. After spending a few years constructing homes from the ground up (often working solo) he has decided to take a more specific route… patios and decks!

D'Andre founded 7/11 Patios and Decks with the goal of specializing. This has allowed his team to develop exceptional skill and talent in wood-working, concrete, and carpentry. Instead of building a structure from the ground up, our focus is on complimenting what already exists, freeing up time to specialize in the niche trade of building patios and decks!

“All said and done, our customer will be pleased with the product we offer, our professionalism and our pure craftsmanship.” - D'Andre Dixon

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